Tequila El Patrocinador

100% Agave Category

Founded in 2018 in San Juanito de Escobedo, Jalisco, Mexico, it is a beverage made from the distilled fermented juice of the blue agave Tequilana Weber plant, with Tequila Designation of Origin (DOT).


Double Cycle Distillation


100% Agave Tequila


Mexican Official Standard NOM I


Carbohydrate Separation

Tequila El Patrocinador Aged


It's a 100% pure blue agave tequila of the highest quality, carefully harvested and bottled at the same facility. Aged in French oak barrels long enough to acquire greater body and a woody flavor, it is a favorite among many palates.

Tequila “Reserva de la Piedad” Blanco

"Authentic Flavor Coming to Life"

It has the purest and most authentic flavor of blue agave. Carefully harvested, with a close trim to the piña, and slowly steam-cooked in our ovens, the agave is then mashed, fermented, and distilled. Our recipe offers interesting and extraordinary flavors, resulting in a fresh and clean tequila, pleasant on the palate, which can be enjoyed neat, in cocktails, or simply on the rocks.

Tequila Reserva de la Piedad Reposado Cristalino

"Authentic Flavor Coming to Life"

It is a 100% pure tequila, made from the finest hand-harvested agaves, giving it a perfect flavor, body, and aroma. Cristalino is a tequila that goes through white oak barrels with a special filtration process that removes the color without losing its aging and properties, resulting in a clear liquid.